Kapolei Shopping Center Receives New Electric Charger

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Kapolei Shopping Center at 91-590 Farrington Highway is the site of the newest Hawaiian Electric fast charger for electric vehicles, bringing to 18 the total utility-owned and operated, publicly accessible fast chargers across the five- island service territory. The fast charger is located near the Longs, McDonalds and Chilis end of the shopping center.

“We are excited to make fast charging available to our customers and move Hawai‘i closer to a clean energy economy,” said Sylvia Nanbara, Kapolei Shopping Center general manager.

The fast charger supports CHAdeMO (used mostly by EVs like the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla with their proprietary adaptor) and CCS (used by American and European EVs like the BMW i3 and as an option on the Chevy Bolt.)

A fast charger can provide 43 miles of addition range for a typical EV in 15 minutes, reducing “range anxiety” and helping more people take advantage of the benefits of electric vehicles.

As the number and variety of electric passenger vehicles has grown, more extensive charging infrastructure is one key to getting more drivers to go electric, according to enthusiasts and industry research.

Hawaiian Electric recently completed a ground-breaking study to pinpoint where expanded public charging options would create a “critical backbone” supporting EV commuters and tourists and help optimize operation of the electric grid.

By 2030, the study forecasts that about 3,600 public chargers will be needed on the five islands served by Hawaiian Electric, over 10 times more than today. That’s in addition to an estimated 47,000 private chargers in homes and workplaces.

Another new fast charger is expected to open later this year at Hawai‘i Island’s Puna Kai which will bring the total Hawaiian Electric-operated fast chargers to 11 on O‘ahu, and six on the Big Island, one on Maui and one on Molokaʻi.

The Hawaiian Electric has approval from the Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission to install up to 25 fast chargers to promote electric vehicles by reducing range anxiety and making it easier to own an electric vehicle for residents of apartment buildings and others who cannot charge at home.

Hosting a fast charger helps with compliance of the Hawai‘i state law that requires public parking lots with at least 100 parking spaces to have at least one exclusive parking space equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles. Hawaiian Electric operates the equipment at no cost to the host for installation, maintenance or electricity.

Hawaiian Electric customers may also join Project Footprint, which provides rewards for customers reducing their carbon footprint through utility programs. Customers who purchase an EV may qualify for a $50 credit to be used at one of these fast charging stations. To learn more, visit

More information is available at or by contacting, 808-543-GoEV (4638), or Hawaiian Electric GoEV, CP10-SR, P.O. Box 2750, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, 96840-0001.


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