Ewa Kapolei Neighborhood Areas to Become Huge Raceway Dragster Magnet

Kapolei News

By John Bond

Ewa homes will be next to major day and night racing

Promoters with Las Vegas connections plan a major racetrack drag stripat former MCAS Ewa Field after a massive concerted effort to defeat and kill
a Hawaii veteran supported Ewa Battlefield Memorial Park resolution HCR-182 on Wednesday, March 20 at the Hawaii State Legislature.

The race track drag strip scheme will bulldoze National Register eligible WW-IIand Hawaiian cultural areas with burial sites, caves and agricultural sinkholes.The raceway schemers laugh at Hawaii veterans and State and Federal preservation laws and believe nothing can now stop their motor city race track development plans at the former Navy air station.

Kapolei News

Another resolution being heard on Friday will set up their final racetrack
approval scheme to make the Ewa Kapolei neighborhood area a huge magnet for day and night race noise, dragsters, drifters, and all in the center of Ewa-Kapolei community neighborhoods.

Ewa Kapolei streets and highways will become raceways for all of the on and off hours loud cars and motorcycles that the rest of the island doesn’t want in their nice communities. Send them all to Ewa Kapolei ! $$$ kickbacks maybe?