For Stewardship and Fun at Marae O Kalaeloa

Kapolei Kalaeloa News
Home of the Hawaiian red shrimp ‘opae ‘ula

Encouraged by West Oahu community members, the US Fish & Wildlife Service agreed to quarterly open access for the public to enter the Kalaeloa refuge and participate in land stewardship and to learn of the ‘aina-based science and protection of endemic plants and the endangered ‘ewa hinahina (Achyranthes splendens). Volunteers assist with invasive species removal, participate in cultural practices and learn of the habitat restoration of the anchialine pool ecosystem, home of the Hawaiian red shrimp ‘opae ‘ula (Halocaridina rubra).  Join us for fun and new experiences unique to the ‘Ewa plains.

Saturday May 21, 2016
US Fish & Wildlife Service, Kalaeloa Refuge
8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Kapolei Kalaeloa News
Kapolei Kalaeloa News
Kapolei Kalaeloa News
Kapolei Kalaeloa News
Avian Fossils

Car pool is encouraged
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