Google Earth Project Shows 30 Years of West Oahu Urbanizing from Space


By Kanehili


I have set this up to show West Oahu over 30+ years. Only about half of Ewa Plantation remains in what is now called Hoopili. You can see it in the top center area. Notice the rich chocolate color of the soil. That is ultra rich alluvial soil from the Waianae volcano. From the volcano slopes are (were) hundreds fresh streams and springs of water and nearly constant abundant Ewa sunshine. It was called the “Breadbasket of Oahu” and “Golden Triangle.”

This ideal growing climate supported the largest population of native Hawaiians for many hundreds of years. It also supported the most profitable sugar plantation in the Hawaiian Islands for over 100 years. Today this totally turn-key diversified agriculture farmland supports a huge variety of fresh vegetables from farm to dinner table.

Kapolei News
click image to see 30 years of Kapolei timelapse

However this huge expanse of the best, highly productive farmland is all going to be covered over because of the City HART rail. Several important state and Federal forms and surveys had to be falsified to state that the land was “sub par” unproductive farmland and never had any importance as a Traditional Agricultural Property. The final step is the highly corrupted Important Agricultural Lands survey run by Mayor Caldwell. The IAL refuses to include this farmland which even by the survey’s own official criteria SHOULD have been included.

The entire rich thousand year old farmland will be completely and
forever covered over in asphalt and concrete. Three major rail station TOD’s going on the best farmland on Oahu. It is totally counter to the claim that rail is “keeping the country country.” Or to the claim of making Oahu sustainable, helping farmers, etc. Everyone can see this is typical California urban sprawl with profits going back to developer HQ’s in Texas.

Ever wonder why several of the largest West Oahu land developers are all from Texas? Many buyers will likely be from Japan, China and SE Asia. Local residents will all be driven.

The City GIS website still officially list the value of this land at just $12 Million! Imagine the massive profits DR Horton will make selling it all off. That also buys off a lot of politicians, government officials. Sierra Club, etc.