Hunt Completes Purchase of Kalaeloa Water and Wastewater System; Adds Tenants in Redevelopment of Kalaeloa

Kapolei News

Kalaeloa, Hawai`i, Dec. 14, 2017 — On Nov. 30, an affiliate of Hunt Companies, Inc. (Hunt) completed its purchase of the Kalaeloa water and wastewater system from the Navy. The new ownership entity is called Kalaeloa Water Company.

In addition, in recent months, Hunt has added a variety of new businesses to its 500-plus acres in Kalaeloa with a current total of 50 tenants in its master-planned community. Some 500 jobs did not exist in the area just a few years ago.

Kalaeloa Water Company

Since taking over control of 540 acres from the Navy in 2009, Hunt has invested over $32 million dollars into the redevelopment of Kalaeloa, with upgrades to aging roads, power and water infrastructure a priority.

The Navy had continued to operate the water and wastewater system even after officially closing Naval Air Station Barbers Point in 1999. Now as owner and operator, Hunt’s Kalaeloa Water Company further plans capital improvement in the system, which is old and in need of repairs to improve efficiency.

Upgraded infrastructure is considered key to the redevelopment of Kalaeloa.

“Without millions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades, redevelopment potential throughout Kalaeloa is severely limited for not only Hunt, but for other landholders as well,” said Steve Colón, President of Hunt’s development division in Hawai`i. “With these investments, Kalaeloa is being revitalized as a gathering place, destination and thriving community.”

New Kalaeloa Tenants

Recent new tenants for Hunt include Dogs of War Airsoft, Caveirinha Jiu-Jitsu Family Association, HI IQ Tutoring and the American Renaissance Academy, which opened its new facilities for students in late October.

American Renaissance Academy has taken over the aquatic complex that once served as the Naval Air Station Barbers Point fitness center. Most recently used by Hope Chapel Kapolei, the K-12 private school now boasts the only 50-meter pool in West O`ahu, in addition to an auditorium and classroom and office space.

New Kalaeloa Professional Center tenants include HI IQ Tutoring, a 1,000-square-foot tutoring center. It joins longtime tenants like the `Ohana Warrior Medical Center, as well as the Hawai`i State Federal Credit Union call center and Allstate that opened earlier this year.

Dogs of War Airsoft has opened at 1832 Cowpens Street. The three-acre location offers airsoft and Nerf playing fields.

Caveirinha Jiu-Jitsu is a 3,500-square-foot martial arts studio located at 91-1021 Shangrila. It offers instruction in various Asian martial arts.