Introducing Kapolei’s Newest Author: Stephanie Grey

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A Witchly Influence By Stephanie Grey

Kapolei NewsStephanie Grey can often be found writing at her desk, one of her cats curled up by her feet. She isn’t necessarily a crazy cat lady yet, but that’s only because of the limitations her husband has put on the amount of pets that they have.

She is a graduate of East Tennessee State University with a degree in journalism. These days she lives in Hawaii where she avoids the ocean because she doesn’t like being so low on the food chain once she is standing in ankle-deep water. She does, however, enjoy hiking, riding the mountain bike trails, viewing the gorgeous sunsets, and, of course, playing with her cats, Zoe and Tabitha.

Writing has always been present in Stephanie’s life. From a young age, she has been writing short stories for her family to enjoy. When she entered high school, she decided that she would one day write a full-length novel. Much to her delight, she finally achieved her goal and finished her first novel on November 1, 2016. She continues to write and hopes to be able to share her stories with the world for many years to come.

Stephanie and her husband have been residents of Kapolei for the last two years. They enjoy the beautiful scenery, challenging hikes, playing badminton—very poorly—and testing their useless knowledge at local trivia nights.  Her family, which is scattered throughout the country from Arizona to North Carolina, is extremely supportive of her writing. Much to their amusement, some of them even provide a base for a few of the characters in her book.  Stephanie is currently working on her next novel, which will be released next year.


A Witchly Influence 

As a free woman following her divorce, witch Carmen Devereaux returns to her home town. With this decision comes another change in her life: Fate has decided that she is to become an Influencer, someone who guides others to the paths that they were meant to take. She is assigned to Abby Windsor, a young school teacher, as well as her own stepbrother, Finn Cleary. Along the way, she encounters several obstacles, including getting stuck in her own past. With the help of Lenny the Snowman, Egbert the Lobbyist Pencil, and a Muse, she is able to Influence Abby and her stepbrother, helping them find their way as well as her own.

Kapolei NewsYou can purchase “A Witchly Influence” online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble in paperback for $15.99 or on the Kindle for $4.99.

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