Jeff & Patty Guillemette

Kapolei Community Leaders
“I am so thankful that Senator Gabbard decided to say yes when I asked him if he would sponsor a bill for adoption in 2015…. He took time to carefully draft that bill… he sent us a letter saying he was going to present the bill in Jeff's honor the next year. From there it was picked up by various groups and has grown into the adoption bill it has become today… So please know that without Senator Gabbard, this would not have been possible! Thank you Senator Gabbard for your diligence and hard work to introduce this bill and know how much of a difference you have made for ALL #adoptees in the great State of Hawaii.” Jeff & Patty Guillemette

I received this kind email from Jeff & Patty Guillemette – who said I could use their quote – regarding #HB2082. This bill allows adopted individuals who are eighteen, adoptive parents, and natural parents, access to the adopted individual’s sealed #adoption records, and is currently on its way to the Governor’s office! I introduced a similar bill, #SB2153, at their request.