Rep. Tupola with Admiral Fuller (dec15)

Kapolei Community Leaders

Happy Holidays!

In November, a good portion of our efforts were geared toward serving houseless individuals on the Wai’anae Coast. We met with shelter coordinators, pastors and service providers. Information collected through these meetings was presented at our Symposium on Homelessness at Ka’aha’aina Cafe. The event was open to all community members and was well attended. It began with a presentation by Rep Tupola. Attendees were then split into groups to voice concerns and discuss ideas and solutions. For a copy of information shared at this event, please email

Congratulations to the Ko ‘Olina family of Resorts who hosted its 17th Annual Thanksgiving Outreach. Over 100 resort employees prepared and delivered approximately 4,000 holiday meals to local churches. We were fortunate to visit some of the recipient churches: Nanaikapono Protestant who hosted the Hope Chapel of Nānākuli congregation, Holy Hill of Zion, and Paradise Chapel who hosted their outreach meal at Ma’ili Land Transitional Housing. Thank you to the Ko ‘Olina family and all churches and volunteers who helped in this effort.

The new Nanakuli Library had a community groundbreaking ceremony.  The location of the library is very special.  Learning and knowledge truly flow through the Nanakuli ahupua’a starting from the valley with Nanakuli High School, Intermediate, Elementary, and Nanaikapono.  The new library will be located next to Nanaikapono and symbolically connect all four DOE schools in the valley to Ka Waihona o Ka Na’auao and then to the ocean.  The library will serve as a font of knowledge in the community, feature a business center with rooms for community meetings, and an upgraded AV center for viewing films, recording, and preserving oral family history.  It is my hope that every student, child, parent, and community member will enter the library to learn and go forth to serve their families, the community, and the State of Hawaii.

Check out what’s coming up next….

December 8, 2015, Kamokila District Park, 7-8:30pm

Many community members have asked for information about a housing project between Kapolei and Honokai Hale.  How many houses? When are they building?  How will this affect traffic?  On December 8th, landowner Campbell Estates will present information and answer questions about this project.

Dec 9th Kamehameha Learning Center-Nanakuli, 7-8:30pm

Are you concerned about increasing drug use and how to keep our children safe?  On December 9th, the Narcotics Enforcement Division and HPD will share information and answer your questions.  We encourage all youth and parents to attend.