21st Century Entrepreneur – Why Every Business Needs a Digital Presence

Kapolei Business Management and Social Media Marketing

The internet has opened new avenues for capturing leads, marketing, selling and managing clients across a diverse geographic location. Any business that is serious about making profits should have a digital presence. Here are reasons why:

  1. Brand visibility
  • Just like location is important to a brick and mortar business, online presence enhances the visibility of your brand across the internet. Your potential clients will only think of you if they find your name, when moving about the internet. The more you dominate the minds of your prospects, the more you are likely to win them over.
  1. Authority
  • Content demonstrates your expertise in the industry in which you serve. Publishing quality content does not only educate the targeted audience, it also makes you an expert in the area. Clients that read your content will consider you when they have a related need.
  1. Open your business day and night
  • Unlike the physical office that requires a huge budget to remain open day and night, you can maintain a digital office at a reasonable cost. And, as a positive result, you’ll be able to reach and sell to customers across several time zones.
  1. Collect feedback from the market with ease
  • Due to internet capabilities, it’s now easy for businesses to know how clients feel about your products, quality of service and company, at a reasonable cost. You can engage clients on social media and in several forums to get to know how they feel about your business. And, it’s the best way to market test your new products.
  1. Increased visibility of your adverts
  • Traditional methods of advertising are limited in terms, regarding the ad run schedule. For example, TV and Radio ads run for a few seconds and in a specific station. Those that have not tuned to the station would not have heard of, or saw the ad. However, digital ads can run for months until the company decides to make a change.  Also, it is much cheaper, per view, to advertise online vs. traditional hard-copy.

It is time to create a digital presence using a number of platforms that include: websites, social media, blogging, and search engine and content marketing, among others. A well-planned digital strategy is a must-have, for every business, to stay competitive in today’s everchanging digital world.


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