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“Over the course of 9 years, Kapolei High School’s robotics team RoboKAP has participated in the Hawaii Regionals FIRST competition. In the most recent competition, we finally achieved our goal working with one another and are now fundraising towards our trip to St. Louis, Missouri for the world championships. This program has inspired so many of its members to reach for engineering fields while giving the team a tight family-like bond. My name is Krystal D. and while growing up, I was never 100% sure on my future career path. Before I came to KHS, I wanted to be a fashion designer. In elective choosing, I saw an engineering class and decided to give it a go. I never knew that a Robotics program even existed until Mr. Kawamura, the Robotics adviser, invited me to join his team. I’ve learned so many things from using machines to communicating well and even the best way to clear a hole before drilling through with a bit. After my whole life, I finally put the puzzle pieces together. I spent time with my dad fixing up things on cars and had soon after joined the Robotics program. I’ll be going into the engineering field under automotive first and my personal thanks has to go to my dad, Mr. Kawamura and the advisers, and the whole team for being there for each other. For team 2445, I would like to thank everybody who supported us throughout our whole journey as a team, because without this team, I would still be tackling my path of becoming a fashion designer. If anyone would like to continue supporting RoboKAP, please support our efforts at www.gofundme.com/Team2445RoboKAP. Our website is www.kapoleirobotics.com. Thank you once again to everyone who has helped guide the team and everyone who has supported our journey.”

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“When I first joined in my sophomore year I knew very few people on the team from the middle school. It was a learning year for me, joining the electrical sub team meant that I had to learn many new devices, systems, troubleshooting, and much more. After 3 years, I am now the Lead electrical and the pits safety captain. Each year is a new experience, you get to meet new people, try new things, develop new skills, and of course have a lot of fun doing it. It may be stressful when there’s one week left or when the robot breaks down in competition, but its surely is worth every bit of it regardless if we win or lose. This season has been by far the greatest for me; being able to travel to San Diego Regional for our teams first away competition, wining our first time ever in the Hawaii Regional, and now being able to attend the World Championship in St. Louis. My time on the team has sure been great and I am very proud to be a part of Team 2445 from Kapolei High.” -Dylan M. (17, Senior)


“In the beginning of the robotics build season I was really quiet and shy because I didn’t know anyone and was the only freshman. After a few days I started to talk with all the other members and got to know them better. Spending those 6 weeks putting together a robot with them has beed a very fun learning experience. I learned how to use a plasma table, powder coat metal parts, and use most of the machines. You also learn how to cooperate as one big team. Being in the Kapolei High School robotics team makes you feel like a big family. As members of the team you have everyone’s back and they have yours, although they may tease you a lot. Winning this years game at the Hawaii regional was such an amazing experience I can’t put words together to explain the excitement, rush, and happiness I felt. Now we’re able to go and compete at the World Championships at St. Louis, Missouri. I’m glad that I was chosen to be apart of the robotics team and experience many memorable moments, it has been an honor to work with everyone and I’m proud to say that I can call RoboKAP team 2445 robotics my second family. I would like to thank Mr. Kawamura for letting me join, all the advisors and mentors for helping us out when we needed it, and lastly the team members for making my first year in robotics the best.” -Charmaine U. (14, Freshman)


I have experience being a part of something bigger than me. It’s not just one person does it all, it’s everyone working together to accomplish the goal which is to build a functioning robot. I joined the team when I was a freshman. I didn’t know that many people on the team but by the end of the year we were more than a team, we were a family. I have learned so much from being on the team. I learned how to use new machines and how to explain my ideas to people. I have also learned how to create a model of the robot on the computer and being able to make plans from that to build parts for the robot. I have enjoyed being on the team for 3 years and I’m looking forward to another year. -Benjamin V. (16, Junior)