Kapolei Scored Among the Best Place to Live for Seniors

Kapolei News

Kapolei has scored among the best places for seniors, according to SeniorScore™, a new senior livability ranking index from SeniorAdvice.com.  Kapolei was awarded a score of 76 on the scale, while the nation average SeniorScore™ is 72.

SeniorScore™ is the first livability index formulated specifically for senior citizens. It is an un-biased, data-driven algorithm that incorporates over 100 data points from numerous sources including Medicare, the US Census Bureau, and other various government and private databases. The goal of SeniorScore™ is to determine how well a specific location accommodates the comfort and needs of senior citizens.

With a high life expectancy rate and a number of well-ranked hospitals and senior living facilities in the area, Kapolei scored well in the health and safety, recreation and leisure and finance categories, according to SeniorScore™.  Where Kapolei really knocked it out of the park is in the general quality of life category.   Kapolei has ideal weather, high public transportation ridership and fun activities for all residents, all of which are important factors to seniors.

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Also, the state of Hawaii has been named the #2 best state in America for seniors, according to SeniorScore™.  In addition to having plenty of recreation and leisure activities to enjoy in the near-perfect climate, retirees living on a budget can enjoy low property and sales taxes in Hawaii. While income taxes are amongst the highest in the country, Hawaii offers exemptions for social security income, which can really help offset the burden paid by seniors. Hawaii also offers excellent healthcare and senior living resources, which is part of the reason The Aloha State boasts the longest life expectancy in America.

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