Limon Rotisserie Grand Opening – Ka Makani Ali’i Mall

Limon Rotisserie Grand Opening

La Bienvenida a Perú! (“Welcome to Peru”), in Kapolei, that is…

Excitement was in the air, as West Oahu’s newest restaurant, Limon Rotisserie, opened its doors in Kapolei’s Ka Makani Ali’i mall.

Although Limon Rotisserie is new to Kapolei, it’s been one of San Francisco’s top restaurants since 2002.   Founded by the Castillo brothers – Antonio, Eduardo, and Martin, Limon Rotisserie is still a family-owned business to this day!

The evening started with a bang, as the crowd was treated to traditional Latin music, which set the stage for an amazing event.  Soon after, a heartfelt blessing was performed, followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony.

As everyone made their way to the entrance, you couldn’t help but smile as the staff greeted each and every one with sincere kindness and aloha.

“This is so exciting!” exclaimed, Fran Duhaylonsod.  “I’ve never had Peruvian cuisine, so this is going to be a whole new experience for me!”

Within minutes, we were served with a platter of Poke Rolls, Chicharron de Pollo on Shrimp Chips and Ceviche (raw fish, aromatic citrus juices and spicy chilies) de Pescado. While savoring our appetizers, the awesome servers soon enticed us with a bevy of various cocktails.

“This is one ono drink!” said, Dietrix Duhaylonsod, “The Don Carlitos is a winnah!”

Within minutes, the restaurant was standing room only!  We gladly made new friends, ran into old ones and regretfully tried to speak Spanish.

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Fran, Monica and Dietrix

“Your Espanol is bueno!” said Monica (Limon Manager, an El Salvadorian native).  I just looked at her and laughed, knowing that I totally embarrassed myself.

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Carving the Suckling Pig

Soon after, we were served plates of Pollo A La Brasa (Limon signature chicken dish) with crispy Yuca Fries!  Then followed up with a carving of the displayed suckling pig!

Sen. Gabbard recognizing the Castillo family

All this was happening, while a Declaration was given to the Castillo family by Senator Mike Gabbard!  Latin dancing soon followed, and the evening was capped off with pulsating Hawaiian music.

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Limon’s Awesome Servers

Ultimately, the event was a huge success!  The atmosphere was positive and energetic, as was the staff!  The food and drinks were tasty and one-of-a-kind!

So, if you’re wondering what to do or where to go, look no further…Limon Rotisserie will take you on a culinary  adventure,  beyond your wildest expectations!