National Institute of Health – Getting Kalaeloa Hangar?

Kapolei News

By John Bond

Word on the street is that the State is giving one oftheir hangars at Kalaeloa JRF to the National Institute of Healthto be set up as a permanent triage center with beds forPacific disasters. (Coronavirus?)

This isn’t apparently directly related to the current Coronavirusbut a decision made earlier. This has everyone in aviation kindof perplexed if not stunned that an excellent hangar would bea permanent emergency medical facility waiting for a disaster to fill it. (How often has Hawaii needed to have a permanent huge hangar dedicated to Pacific disasters?)

Experts say that this is counter to FAA regulations but thatsomehow this has been by-passed.

The State also owns building 140 which is a huge empty facilityideal for a freight company like FedEx, UPS, or even an Amazonhub (rumored to be buying a huge piece of land at Sand Islandfor a hub.) 140 is currently used as a partially used sound stagefor TV-Film production.

Basically ALL of the huge excellent WW-II hangar buildings sitempty and not used for aircraft, high demand flight training oras freight aggregation centers where internet sales are drivingfast home deliveries. The priorities at Kalaeloa airport seem tobe hugely screwed up and make little sense.