Navy Says They Don’t Own And Will Return NASBP Monument

Kapolei News

By: John Bond, Ewa historian


A Navy commander with lawyer came to the Kapolei neighborhood board last night and revealed:

The Monument taken down still belongs to Hunt Corp not Navy. The Navy has never officially accepted it as a “gift” but is caring for it in Kaneohe. No idea yet what happened to the raised aluminum lettering that was on the Monument.

The Navy commander said Hunt Corp received the Navy land without any special land covenants or historic restrictions. (not so)

Navy said it will return NASBP Monument if Hunt Corp allows it since Navy doesn’t own it.

The Kapolei neighborhood board said they would write a letter to the Hawaii State DOTA (Dept. of Transportation Airports) asking the Navy and Hunt Corp to work with Save NASBP Monuments chair/president Rob Moore (as community representative) to see that it is brought back and restored in a new safe location.

The general community consensus is that they would like the monument relocated to the 1942 Navy tower area which now is under the ownership of the State of Hawaii airports and is an active FAA ATC facility run by the Hawaii Air National Guard.