New Adventure Park Long Term Effects?

Kapolei News
John Bond addressing questions that could possibly affect the future of the Kalaeloa Eco System.

No objection to their plans, but the MK NB should know that this site is a very important water catchment system and a huge amount of Ewa Plain storm water is directed into this location as a ponding basin.

It appears that this place is one of the very few HUGE dry wells on the Ewa Plain which still exist and means that water is expected to pond and then percolate into the underground Karst caves and waterways underneath the Kalaeloa airport and down into the sea. Trying to divert this water elsewhere would be extremely expensive and difficult NOW as typically all of the development never considered this issue for the Kaupe’a, Kanehili, DHHL development and Kapolei HS projects.

In years past this was not that critical of an issue however with the massive development in recent years and the much greater likely hood of huge climate change rain storms, this location will be critical.  All of the new flat concrete and asphalt surfaces- (as Hoopili will also do) – will cause massive amounts of contaminated street water to collect there. This could be an EPA issue that may have to be addressed.

Again, not opposing their plan as it could be the best way to preserve this very important huge dry well ponding catchment.

The MK NB should ask Hunt and HCDA what their long range plan is for this site in the event the Amusement Park did not succeed.  Hunt is anxious to have the Navy transfer the land to them so they can sell it off.  What will the next owner do with it?  It is a prime “corner” location but also has major issues for a land/building developer.

The MK NB should be asking Hunt and HCDA what the long term plan is for this site. It is a critical part of the Ewa Plain flood management and ecosystem.