Safety for Kapolei Elementary Students

Kapolei News

Noticed this morning that there were traffic that were doing U turns and vehicles parked across the entrance of Kapolei in the right lane.

Front of Kapolei Elementary School…sign on light pole missing

I noticed that they were parked in the right lane in a possible No Parking Zone because of a missing sign that was missing. Called Kapolei Baseyard as suggested to replace the signage and was referred to various other places. Concerned because our Keiki are using this area to enter and exit their school safely. Proper signage needs to be put up, and maybe a designated time with no parking maybe needed.

Folks parked in No Parking zone across looking Diamond Head. This is before it is really busy, maybe a need for HPD enforcement?

We may need HPD to monitor and enforce No parking areas and clear right lane Waianae Bound during certain hours. Folks were parking in No Parking Zone and a vehicle did a U turn in front of me to park curbside across the street of the school.

Thank you,

David Wong