Scott Fuji Named Executive Director of PHOCUSED

Kapolei News

By: Darcie Scharfenstein

Honolulu, Hawai‘i – PHOCUSED is pleased to announce Scott Fuji has been selected as the Executive Director of the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization.

PHOCUSED is dedicated to increasing the safety for, visibility of, and investment in children and adults in Hawai’i who are marginalized, impoverished, and under-served, and for whom access to health, human services and housing is critical.

“Scott Fuji is very well prepared for this job as he was the Director of Programs at PHOCUSED since April 2014. Scott has already begun his work on homelessness and is developing important relationships with other community groups and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people in our community,” said Susan Chandler, Chair of PHOCUSED Board of Directors. “The Board looks forward to working with Scott and continuing the great work of PHOCUSED.

Fuji’s previous role with PHOCUSED included overseeing work related to the Hui Kupa’a Collective Impact project while also assisting in advocacy work, data collection and analysis. Prior to that, he worked for Goodwill Industries of Hawaii starting as a service coordinator in their Developmental Disability department and leaving as an Assistant Director in their Mission Services department, overseeing the SNAP Employment and Training contracts on O’ahu and Maui as well as the At-Risk Youth contracts on O’ahu. He was also the facility manager for Kapolei Ohana Career and Learning Center. Scott earned a Bachelor’s degree from Willamette University in Political Science with a minor in Rhetoric and Media Studies.

PHOCUSED is a membership and advocacy organization for health and human services in Hawai‘i, which works together with community stakeholders to impact program and policy change for the most vulnerable in our state.

“I am humbled to be entrusted to carry on the work of PHOCUSED as the new Executive Director,” Fuji said. “I am also excited to lead the organization in this new chapter as we continue to advocate for the needs of Hawai‘i’s vulnérable populations,” he added.

The vision of PHOCUSED is a unified, collective force advocating for responsible and effective health, human services and housing policy actions statewide.


The commitment of PHOCUSED to the people is reflected in its name — Protecting Hawai‘i’s Ohana Children Under Served Elderly and Disabled. We are guided by our mission and vision, and the shared commitment of our members to protect the interests of Hawai‘i’s people.