Social Media Types: A Necessary Headache

Kapolei Cyber Marketers

Social media is rapidly evolving as a primary method of communication by individuals and companies around the world. Social media has penetrated all fields of the economy including technology, music, religion, academia, marketing, culture, and literature – just to name a few.

Social media has several business benefits, which keep adding up every single day; however, there is a downside.  Given the number of benefits that businesses seek, it becomes a necessary headache.

Why is social media becoming a necessary evil?

Social media requires round the clock monitoring

Social media platforms are live, every second, minute and hour of each day. Visitors can come, at any time, to post and react to content posted by the organization. Sometimes, the reaction is negative.

A little mistake can bring down the whole brand if it is not corrected in time. This causes the company to hire or contract individuals to manage their social media campaign and ensure a positive reputation.

Advertising brings about ethical issues 

It is also easy for companies to intrude into the privacy of its clients and prospects in the name of marketing and engagement. For example, sponsored content uses algorithms that capture the browsing behavior, groups, and forums that the client is based and other activities on the internet. Tracking online visitors is not ethical, but it is the only way that companies can advertise to qualified prospects.

Striking a balance between personal and general information

There are very many times, the public is fed with irreverent information or information that can be considered personal by the business. A number of times, businesses have given away trade secrets to the competition with a single tweet. Some private employee information is sometimes shared on social media compromising their privacy and security.

The social media content strategy should include what content should be shared with the public and what should never be posted.

Underhand marketing techniques

Social media has been used, in the past, by brands to assassinate the character and bring down competitive organizations. A number of clients and competitors have used unverifiable information to show that a given brand does not meet its promises or that it’s a fraud.

Sometimes, negative campaigns towards competitive brands cause catastrophic damage to the brand; thus, losing a large market.  The affected brand must therefore undertake an online PR initiative to restore its credibility.

Despite these problems, businesses should continually strive to engage, connect, and market their social media benefits to their customers.


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