Sugarland Farms

Kapolei Community Leaders

Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz invited me to speak at Sugarland Farms Saturday in support of the Whitmore Project – part of a revitalization strategy for Wahiawa and its surrounding land. The main goals are to promote local agriculture and create jobs in an area desperate for change.

The objective is to acquire key agriculture parcels in Wahiawa and Central Oahu and transform the underutilized areas into an agricultural technology park and distribution hub – including a food safety certified processing packing facility. Besides myself, Sen. Dela Cruz, and Tisha Uyehara – Chairwoman for the Board of Directors for Agribusiness Development Corporation, Jimmy Nakatani, Executive Director – Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC), Matt Ragudo – Whitmore Economic Dev. Grp, and Larry Jefts – Sugarland farms, were also there to present various aspects of the project.

I must say, the watermelon tasting was a highlight of the afternoon! Next week Sugarland Farms is harvesting the equivalent of 40 Matson container loads of watermelon, which will all be consumed locally. Very cool!