The Second City’s First Karaoke Experience

Kapolei News

Kapolei HI, February 2017- As Kapolei’s population grows, so does its need for family-friendly nocturnal activities. Kapolei Karaoke owner, Jason Paz, announced the opening of Kapolei’s first Karaoke room rental on 1 Feb.

“We are dedicated to providing a high tech Karaoke experience to west side residents while keeping prices affordable for working class families” said Paz. Kapolei Karaoke currently hosts 5 rooms, with the smallest holding 5 singers and the largest able to accommodate 25 singers. All rooms use the cloud based HDKaraoke system that allows Kapolei Karaoke to update their song list weekly. “Our business isn’t centered on selling alcohol or food,” emphasized Paz “we focus on the Karaoke experience and, ensuring our customers can get the songs they want when they want it. We want them to sound like a rock star and look like a rock star!”

Kapolei Karaoke also uses Singtrix technology to enhance the voices of tone challenged singers. Additionally, they offer costumes so “clients can not only sound the part but also look the part”. Paz, originally from Wahiawa, opened Kapolei Karaoke due to his love for Karaoke but his disdain for driving to town. His passion for Karaoke goes back to 1993. “My uncle from Japan bought my family a Karaoke machine in 1993. We mostly had Korean and Japanese laser discs but my mom bought me an Elvis Presley disc and I sang that disc almost every day!”

Each room in Kapolei Karaoke contains the Hue Pro Lighting system that allows clients to customize lights to their moods or sync the lighting to their song. Paz plans to incorporate professional audio and visual recording for singers wanting to take their talent to the next level. He also plans on incorporating West Oahu tattoo artist to keep Kapolei Karaoke uniquely local. “While we want to leverage our international song library for our guests from Asia, it is important to me that we keep our business local. We want to represent West Oahu and distinguish ourselves from Karaoke establishments from the mainland and town.”


563 Farrington Hwy Suite 204

Kapolei HI 96707

Phone (808) 425-0719