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Keiki enjoying He’e Holua

KAPOLEI, OʽAHU – Ulu Aʽe Learning Center is proud to host the 1st Annual Kā Kapolei Makahiki family event at Puʽuokapolei (located at the pā hula, hula mound, upper area of Kapolei Regional Park near the Archery Range, Skate Park, and old Army bunker) on Saturday, December 17 2016  from 9 AM to 12 PM.  FREE admission and parking.  Open to the public.  Food, entertainment, and Makahiki games for all ages!

This event celebrates Makahiki, the   Hawaiian New Year, and a 4-month period in the Hawaiian Calendar dedicated to peace, agriculture, and communal sports.  Games include heʽe hōlua (sled racing), ulu maika (lawn bowling), hukihuki (tug-of-war), kōnane (Hawaiian checkers), haka moa (wrestling), ʽoʽo ihe (spear throwing), and more.  Entertainment by community hālau and musicians.

“The purpose of this event is to bring together the Kapolei community in a cultural     celebration of plenty and peace.  As done in earlier times, and likely on this very site, the day will be filled with song, dance, games, cultural crafts and historic tours of Puʽuokapolei.” – Mikiʽala Lidstone, Executive Director of Ulu Aʽe.

Hālau within the community and keiki from Ulu A‘e’s  afterschool program will share their song and dance with the estimated 300 to 400 attendees.  Kā Kapolei Makahiki will not only celebrate the Makahiki season but will provide the community an opportunity to become familiar with the cultural treasure that Puʽuokapolei is and to make more use of this resource.

2016 Ulu Aʽe Learning Center Highlights

  • Serviced 86 students through our after school program
  • Created a website for Puʽuokapolei to make information on its history and cultural importance available to the public
  • Held Mālama Kapolei, a community event to raise awareness of the unique history and importance of Puʽuokapolei and to celebrate the rededication of the pā hula and the installation of signage