Understanding the Benefits of Social Media and How to Harness its Power

Kapolei Social Media
By: Kapolei Cyber Marketers


Social media is here to stay and when placed in the right marketing hands, the immense potential it brings to hungry businesses, can make the difference between “getting-by” and “DOMINATION!”

Several benefits come with social media marketing, which include:

  • Brand Recognition

The social media platform is great for brand recognition. Social media can help increase your brand’s visibility, among target audiences and create a fan base of clients. Content sharing also helps with increased visibility, traffic and conversions.

  • Create Brand Loyalty

Using social media correctly, enables brands to establish and maintain brand loyalty amongst customers. Social media gives the brand a human face which results in positive client interaction.

  • Generate Leads

Each post on social media is a chance to connect with a new prospect or reconnect with a client that had bought from you in the past. Every positive interaction increases the chances of converting the visitor to a client; thus, one of the best ways to generate leads and make sales.

  • Higher Satisfaction

Social media can be used as a method to collect input from clients to identify and address their concerns. Satisfied and/or unsatisfied customers have the opportunity to provide feedback on an issue which could, if handled in a professional and expedient manner lead to higher brand satisfaction.

How to harness the power of social media

There are dozens of social media sites, each having its unique benefits to the business. The industry and targeted clients determine the platform to use. Here’s how to harness the power of social media for business.

  • Locating Your Prospective Clients

Determine the social media sites where your prospects frequent. Twitter and LinkedIn are great for business while Facebook can be used across the board,

  • Come Up with a Social Media Strategy

Create a social media management strategy, specific to the platforms you are in. The strategy should detail what content the social media platform should carry, the duration for updating the content and the people in charge of monitoring that platform.

  • Measure the Results

Every campaign should have a method of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of their site. Here’s a few categories that you should analyze to improve your campaigns: 1) amount of traffic, 2) rate of engagement, 3) number of viable leads, 4) unique visitors and 5) bounce rate, to name a few.


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